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Our Mission and Visions

In the course of working with various Travel Company and foreigners, we’ve had ample chances to visit different societies, places and political zones. These experiences introduced us to new ideas and technical skills which made us question Nepal’s conservative way of life and huge natural sourses , Why don’t we reform our society? Such questions frequently haunt us.

More than 40% of our population lives below the poverty line. We’ve seen many problems in our rural areas where children are deprived of access to educational opportunities and health services. They even lack common human rights. These people follow a conservative, traditional way of life. As a result, they are forced to live like animals due to the lack of education and technical skills training. We are determined to help them by teaching those skills which will change their lives.

Tourism is an industry where different ideas, skills and finances can come together for the greater good. A percentage of our profits will go to assist schools, health initiatives and women’s liberation movement, etc. If you’re the kind of person who’d like to support social welfare activities in Nepal, than we welcome you to join us in our efforts.

Global warming and environment pollution is a serious threat to our planet. Unfortunately, humanity is intentionally or unintentionally destroying nature for their own benefit. How can they be so unaware of their impact on the eco-system? When the eco-system suffers, human beings suffer because we are interdependent. We are very concerned about environmental degradation and its consequences. Have we forgotten what the value of nature truly is and the reasons we should preserve it? We see nature as a source of happiness and inspiration. We intend to help maintain the equilibrium of the planet so that we can avoid the intensification of natural disasters which can wreck havoc on our region. We believe that nature is life and life is nature. We hope you agree.

Our mission and vision is to overcome our social problems to reclaim the beauty in society as well as the integrity of the natural world.