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The Tibet is a wonderful and unusual piece of the planet, ‘the roof top of the world’ which offers unpredictable experiences by its unique culture and nature. This is the last SANGRA-LA. Almost all the part of Tibet is remaining around 4000 m with aired, windy and high plateau. Animal husbandry, collecting minerals, painting and praying to the God is the day to life of people in Tibet.

The religion and culture of its people is luring fact of Tibet. The Bon Buddhism is the origin of Tibetan Buddhism which has been dominated in Tibet since it’s begins When The Tibetan king SONGSTEN GAMPO had married with Chinese and Nepali Princess, Then different sort of Buddhism was developed. The politic had been interwoven with religion at the same time, As a result various belief and ideas took place and Royal Palace became center of  politics and religion like PTALA DURBAR after China invaded Tibet, The 14th Dalai Lama have been fled to India  with some people and living as a refugee. It was isolated from outside world around half of century and just past few years China has officially opened the door for western traveler. Travelling to Tibet isn't for kind heart and comfortable; it is for adventure for life time memories.

The people of the Tibet are ever smiling with charming face. They are strongly dedication with their culture, tradition, costumes’ and busy how to preserve it and giving eternal life. Now people are aware the important of value of culture and its relation with people. The nature is the bliss of God in Tibet which has equally charm as culture, it is very unusual and unique that is the bitter fact. Tibet is a land of wondering which offers ample  of places like: Unfinished Yak land, Snow crowned mountains, Secret lakes, magnificent religious shrines, Wild Yaks, wild Ass, Blue sheep, mountain Deer, Typical birds Pica are really inspiring fact of Tibet.

The kingdom Tibet is the high and dry Plateau whereas the temperature is in below (-) almost all the time of the year. During the winter there is lot of snowing and becomes very cold so it is impossible to travel and if travel can't enjoy lot. The best time for travel to Tibet is, from April to September, during this time the temperature is to be relatively less cold and good weather. Don’t expect cozy food and accommodation in Tibet.  You are provided traditional local food, home stay gust house and worm dinning, the food like: Chaumin, Thukpa, Momo, noodles, Tsampa porridge, salt butter tea and Thongba (the local wine. Almost all the time the traveler has to stay above 4000m, therefore, much of the people are suffer from high sickness and cold. During visit to Tibet one should take worm clothes, Shoes, Medicine and drink lot and keep worm.  Tibet offers so many touring placeless some of those are:, the Capital City LHASA Touristic center of Tibet, PATALA PALACE, SHIGATSE, SHANNON, NYINGZHI, NAGRI, NAKHA, Pilgrim site :,Mt. KAILASH and YARLANG TSEGBO River. Besides this one can enjoy with Expedition, Mountain biking and trekking.

One must have Visa and travel Permit to visit in Tibet. The tourist Visa of Tibet is managed by   authorized tour company in Kathmandu but the visitors must provide Passport, pp size photos, date and number of person before month departure of the journey. Tibet travel permit is provided by Tibet Tourism Board. If you fly to Lhasa, You get from Lhasa tourism Board and if you go by land, you get Entry border of Tibet. It doesn't take long time Show Visa and pay the Permit cost. But individual is not allowed to visit in Tibet.  

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