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White Water Rafting Packages

White Water Rafting Packages

Nepal has earned the reputation of being one of the best choices for white water rafting. It’s a great way to enjoy the spectacular landscape, pristine Himalayan sceneries, ancient places and thundering energy of the river.. Most of these rivers come from the high Himalayan range, and then run south towards the gigantic plain where they join India’s famous Ganges River. Listed below are many famous rivers for rafting and kayaking.

1) Trishuli Rover (One to three days rafting)

This is an easily accessible and popular river for white water rafting in Nepal. The river originates from the Tibetan plateau and then runs south towards Nepal. The rafting starts form Charaudi, which is a two hour drive from Kathmandu. The multi-day trip includes campingovernight in the wilderness of Kurin Chat. Meals are included. Thetrip consists of 1-3exciting days of beautiful landscape and terraced beaches along the river. It’s also possible to go back to Kathmandu,Pokhara or Chitwan National Park.

2)  Kali Gandaki River (Three days rafting)

The River Kali Gandaki runs alongthe west of Pokhara and through the world’s deepest gorge located between the mighty Himalayan Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains,which also originates from Tibetan border and runs towards the south. The name of the river comes fromthe fearsome Goddess Kali of Hinduism. The rafting starts from Baglung and goes to Mairmi which is 72 km of floating and chasing rapids through differing natural landscapes. This river is rated a class 4.  Grade.

3)  Bhote Kosi River (Two days white water rafting)

The Bhotekosi I River is one of the wildest rivers which is rated  a class 5. It’s ideal for those looking for adventure, but don’t have a lot of time. It’s a three hour drive from Kathmandu to Barbise which is east of Kathmandu. The rafting starts from chasing rapids and floating in the Barbise to where it joins the Sun Kosi River A camp is set up overnight and then the trips finishes in the Dam before heading back to Kathmandu. 

4) Sun Kosi River (Eight days white water rafting)

The Sun Kosi River is regarded as one of the top ten river rafting adventures in the world. It’s athree hour drive from Kathmandu to Dolal Ghat where the rafting trip begins. It follows 272 km, crossing through beautiful landscape, pristine mountain scenes and different villages to a flat, fertile area called Chatara. It’s labeled a class 5. This is a really beautiful river adventure in Nepal.

5) Karnali River (10 days longest white water rafting trip in Nepal)

The Karnali River is the biggest and the longest wild river of Nepal. It begins at thesacred Tibetan Mount Kailash and runs all the way down to the GangesRiver in India. It’s 165 km long. The Rafting trip begins Sauliand ends in Chisapani. There are many opportunities to seewild animals such asdolphins in the fresh water. The rapids are rated a class 5. This trip is the longest and the most remote from transportation goin straight in the heart of the wilderness.

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